ABK Awards

Aktien Brewery dominated the world’s beer competitions from the late 1800’s, winning dozens of awards and Gold medals. We’re proud to still maintain this high standard.

Our Beers

In 1308 the Aktien Brewery of Kaufbeuren, along with it’s cellars, courtyard and barns, was donated to the citizens of Kaufbeuren by Henry Twinger, a wealthy local Baron. To ensure only the highest quality beers, The Kaufbeuren Brewers Guild was formed in 1325 making a declaration that all beers produced in Kaufbeuren could only use the finest barley, hops, yeasts and the purest local waters. All other ingredients were banned. The Aktien Brewery was for evermore known for their superbly crafted beers.

In 1516  Duke William IV enacted the Kingdom-wide declaration known as The German Beer Purity Law or “Reinheitsgebot” – almost two hundred years AFTER the formation of the Kaufbeuren Brewers Guild. Even back in 1325 we were innovating – 200 years later we were still ahead of our time. 700 years after we first started brewing beer we are still going strong – ABK – The original craft beer.


[5.0% ABV]

This is a light, bright and very satisfying beer.

Lightly golden with a bubbly, medium white head that steadily shrinks to a thin foamy lace, the aroma is soft and sweet with grain and very flowery hops.

The taste is full bodied grain with lots of green apple and light but persistent hints of pine and herbs, with a light bitterness that persists through to the finish.


[5.8% ABV]

If you like a more malty beer with a lovely pillowy head, a deep gold colour and packed with malt, Edel is the one for you!

A pale straw color with golden hints and a velvety white frothy head which reduces gently to some light lacing. To the nose, Edel is mostly hops mixed with a biscuit sweetness and a freshly baked bread aroma with a hint of some sweet apples and pears.

On the tongue, you’ll notice the slightly toasted malts and light floral hops which start with light biscuit malts, before a sweetness, to form a buttery bitter finish.


[4.9% ABV]

A dark, soothing, full-bodied beer.

Warm hints of dark chocolate and liquorice, with a balanced and bitter finish.

New! – Full description coming soon.


[2.8% ABV]

The ultimate summer time refreshment, Rose is a concoction of light ABK Beer and Organic Lemonade (brewed on-site) with a 100% natural rose colour.


Our brewery dates back over 700 years and we continue to use the same locally grown Hallertau hops and grains from the same local farms. Our unique heritage is what stands us apart from others.

Under the watchful eye of legendary master brewer Zur Traube Güldenen in the 17th century, the Aktien Brewery mastered it’s recipes that are still used today and was to become one of the very first breweries in Bavaria to produce the then “forbidden” wheat ales that had, until then, been brewed exclusively for Bavarian Royalty.

In 1799, Aktien purchased one of the last remaining breweries in Kaufbeuren, the Jonas Daniel Walch Brewery, for a price of 4,215 Guilders and subsequently purchased the other remaining Kaufbeuren brewery, the Rose Brewery, in 1987.

Today’s stunning brewery buildings with deep cellars were built in 1807.

The brewery’s popularity in Bavaria was again confirmed by a visit from His Royal Highness Prince Ludwig in 1901 who wanted to taste these legendary beers for himself.

To read more about our fantastic beers or learn more about our amazing history, visit the ABK website at abkbeer.com.